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Competition has intensified in the asian airline market. Qantas (RedQ) is now planning a new Asia based full service executive carrier called RedQ airlines. Qantas-redq is in the process of deciding between Kuala Lumpur and Singapore as the new carrier's base. If Singapore is chosen as the base for redq airlines, SIA will face new competition in its core asian segment at its backyard.

Qantas-redq new Asia based full service executive carrier (Redq Airlines): Qantas has confirmed that it is planning to start a new 49% owned full service carrier executive to be based in Asia. Media speculation indicates the new airline will be likely named RedQ Airlines and Qantas is deciding between Kuala Lumpur and Singapore to be the new executive carrier's base. By basing the new airline in Asia, Qantas-redq is looking to ride on Asia's growth, and especially China's booming aviation market. This move by Qantas (redq) signals its intention to further its competition with Singapore Airlines, especially if the new airline picks Singapore as its base, as it seeks to get a slice of the booming Asian aviation pie. Given Singapore's better air connectivity and its government's inclination, there is a good chance of Qantas-redq new executive carrier will be based here. Volotea Airlines Peach Air MMA Airlines

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